Executive Mastery is a forum for executives who are committed to creating and sustaining breakthrough performance in all aspects of their business.

Executives design their own comprehensive Breakthrough Framework – an architecture they invent – which organizes their goals and commitments into a set of measurable breakthrough outcomes. It includes their business and financial commitments, people development objectives, as well as their own leadership growth ambitions. This framework provides the context and clarity for delivering unprecedented results in every area of their business.

Executive Mastery builds on the foundational breakthrough models introduced in the Executive Challenge Course, moving leaders into new business leadership territory. The design of each Mastery session is customized to produce the outcomes and results within their Breakthrough Framework as a result of leading and operating consistently with what they said.

What participants appreciate most about Executive Mastery is the sophistication of conversation, the intimacy and the depth of learning from one another. Executive Mastery goes beyond executive business training by providing an ongoing structure for each leader to grow and develop themselves into a highly effective Breakthrough Leader as a natural expression of who they are.

Registration into Executive Mastery includes two administrations of The Performance Diagnostic™ with one team, as well as individual executive coaching.


  • A framework and methodology for creating and delivering breakthrough performance outcomes in any area of the business
  • Greater command of breakthrough methods of leadership and execution
  • Increased strength in coaching and developing team members and other key leaders
  • More leadership freedom and confidence in engaging others to go beyond what they think is possible
  • New level of reliability in producing consistently outstanding results

Who Attends

Graduates of the Executive Challenge Course, Building a Breakthrough Executive program, and those who have completed one year of one-on-one consulting within a Gap International corporate initiative.



Course Format

Course Length: 12 sessions over 12 months
Location: In select cities or online via video conference
Course Size: 10 to 20 participants
Dates: Scheduled per course

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