This program is designed for our clients to expand and enhance the impact of consulting initiatives, The Performance Diagnostic® and our Breakthrough Leader® programs.

The Breakthrough Course Online is an interactive, self-study that gives participants a system and framework for improving performance and producing breakthrough results now. It provides a pathway for creativity and innovation, leaving people open and positive about making change happen. Participants work through real-time business issues and are energized to take bold, new actions that deliver breakthrough outcomes.

The Breakthrough Course Online provides individuals the opportunity to discover, examine and deconstruct current paradigms of thinking related to their work. Through guided conversations, video demonstrations and opportunities to reflect and write their thoughts, participants move away from past-based thinking and discover new possibilities for improving their performance and exceeding their goals. This easily administered, simple-to-use and cost effective online program can also be utilized as an integral component of large-scale corporate change initiatives.

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The Breakthrough Course Online Resource Center

Organizationally, the Breakthrough Course Online can be used as a vehicle to foster organizational change. Leaders who have the Breakthrough Course Online will also gain access to the Breakthrough Course Online Resource Center, to help keep momentum around breakthrough thinking and performance.

The Breakthrough Course Online Breakthrough Performance Resource Center will:

  • Allow you to distribute the course to your team, or to many teams throughout the organization
  • Offer several focus areas to increase performance by using the Breakthrough Course Online
  • Provide you with meeting agendas, discussion topics, practices, and articles to maximize the impact on your team
  • Give you access to completion status reports for your team


  • Outcomes of the course include:
    • Innovative problem solving
    • A mindset for innovation and change
  • Participants use the course to:
    • Shift thinking around specific business challenges and issues
    • Gain the confidence to take on and produce extraordinary results
    • Learn to create and invent breakthroughs

Who Attends

  • Appropriate for all levels in an organization
  • Available for teams as well as large populations
  • Ideal for large-scale corporate change initiatives



Course Format:

  • The Breakthrough Course Online is available to each participant for one year
  • The course duration is approximately three hours and can be taken in more than one sitting
  • Participants receive an online journal for the course that can be accessed during and after it is completed
  • After the first time through the course, participants can return to review sections or re-do exercises as needed
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