Today’s performance is produced by a company’s current environment. It is possible to produce different results by changing the environment.

Building an environment for breakthrough performance fosters powerful interactions among leaders and teams. It creates a precious advantage and new possibilities to compete and win through speed, reliability, quality, employee engagement, and innovation.

The Performance Diagnostic is Gap International’s comprehensive approach for cultivating an environment that develops strong leaders and elicits high performance from teams. It is a simple yet sophisticated way to measure and change intangible team and organizational dynamics that directly impact execution and results. It provides scientifically validated data and insights that empower leaders to change the inputs that produce performance. The approach includes a digital diagnostic and workbook, feedback methods, and action planning sessions.


  • Aligned and engaged teams delivering a clear market-driven purpose
  • Employees fully owning company-wide performance
  • Collaboration across boundaries to make decisions and execute effectively
  • Rapidly addressan accelerated business environment
  • A scientifically validated approach to measure and build alignment



  • How It Works


    Leader and Team Dynamics Impacting Performance
    Administer a simple and scalable digital diagnostic in a regular, six-month rhythm. Achieve industry-leading response rates.
  • How It Works


    Where and How Leaders Can Intervene to Improve Results
    Analyze data to indicate missing elements in the environment. Use feedback to identify focus areas and create action plans.
  • How It Works


    Thinking and Behaviors to Build a Consistently High-Performing Team
    Initiate new ways of working, increasing an organization’s capacity to deliver breakthrough performance.

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