The speed of commoditization requires organizations to relentlessly innovate in order to continuously differentiate themselves. Gap International’s Breakthrough Enterprise Consulting partners with leaders of the world’s greatest corporations to build sustainable organizations that consistently produce groundbreaking results and outperform the competition.

Success today is a function of how quickly leaders and organizations can grow and sustainably adapt to change. But changing with pace goes against the human condition; we are not organized to change fast.

Breakthrough Enterprise Consulting offers a disciplined, systematic approach to profitable growth. In order to change an organization’s performance, engagements are designed to build the essential ingredients—vision and strategy, execution, leadership, and people and culture—that deliver a sustainable breakthrough in results. By leveraging our expertise in breakthrough thinking and performance, executives create the kind of meaningful change that achieves ongoing competitive advantage.

We do this through our proprietary methodologies with almost 40 years of experience examining the correlation between thinking and performance. We change mindsets to change outcomes, and grow companies while growing their leaders.


  • Accelerate

    top- and bottom-line growth
  • Bring major products

    to market in record time
  • Create a culture aligned

    with corporate strategy and objectives
  • Institutionalize a mindset

    of continuous innovation
  • Align

    senior executive teams
  • Integrate and align

    new or disparate businesses



Every client engagement is designed around our three core principles that provide a structure for delivering unprecedented business results. When institutionalized, an organization has the ability to consistently innovate and outperform the market.

Transformation of Leaders and Leadership Teams

As leaders and teams grow, the business grows. Transformation happens through the transformation of the leaders. Executives discover new capabilities to lead transformational change and embed breakthrough competencies that can be leveraged continuously to produce extraordinary outcomes.

Alteration of Organizational Mindset

Producing breakthrough results requires a mindset shift—or a shift in the fundamental way people think. Challenging people to go beyond what they think they can accomplish is a catalyst to generating new thinking. It can include altering many mindsets, or just one, in relation to delivering a particular outcome. This shift in thinking also creates receptivity in the environment for delivering extraordinary outcomes consistently over time.

Intense Focus on Outcomes

Reframing the focus from tasks or activities to be performed to quantifiable outcomes to be produced is an essential foundation for delivering exceptional growth and high levels of performance. A relentless commitment to deliver specific, quantifiable outcomes is, in itself, a breakthrough for most organizations.

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