American Heart Association

The Situation

The Energy Cardiovascular Care and Global Strategies division was asked to recalibrate AHA's approach to educating and training people in emergency resuscitation. This 50-year-old industry was ripe for disruption and innovation. To ensure that AHA not only adjusted to the modern age but to guide it into the future, they committed to doubling the number of lives saved by 2020 from cardiac emergencies.


The Challenge

Given the ambitious goal of doubling the number of lives saved, numerous challenges emerged immediately that the group would have to solve.

  • Obsolete technology and lack of sufficient digital platforms
  • Rapid CPR skill deterioration
  • Insufficient capability to reach a global audience
  • Outdated 50-year-old cyclical business model that needed reinvention


The Mindset Shifts and Solutions

The group realized that the AHA needed to rethink its CPR training program. After discovering that health-care workers' skills were fading soon after course completion, AHA developed an alliance with an external for-profit partner to launch the Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) Program.

In addition to the RQI program, the group changed their mindsets and solved some of their toughest challenges:

  • Updating old technology and digital platforms
  • Rethinking CPR training program
  • Expanding globally
  • Reinventing the business model


The Results
  • Double the number of people trained, from 10 million per year to 20 million per year
  • Employee engagement and retention significantly improved as employees connected to the live saving work they do
  • Increase cardiac arrest survival by 50% (from 8% to 15%)
  • Expanded global impact by having 650 CPR centers around the world, training 16 million people annually


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