Tufts Medical Center

Creating Teams That Work

Chief Nursing Officer of Tufts Medical Center and her leadership team caused a transformation visible throughout the entire medical center and in Boston’s competitive market.


"I am now much more at a place where if we put our minds to it and if we are a team that really stand as one, there isn't anything we can't do."



It started out as looking for a partner to help build teamwork for Tufts Medical Center and specifically the Nursing Enterprise, and so much truly riding on us being able to produce. I would say that in my own leadership I am a person of extremely high standards and drive and competiveness, which doesn't always make it easy. But I really felt that in this case we can't lose. Our accomplishments are absolutely inspiring to me.

Number one was to look at the quality of care delivered as well as the efficiency of care. So we have worked to really reduce our rate of falls -specifically preventable falls, because as you might know, when a patient falls you certainly complicate their hospitalization, and, for some patients, a fall can be the beginning of the end.

Our infection rates have decreased, which is obviously the name of the game in hospitals. You don't want patients to have another reason to need to stay longer, again, complicating their stay and their recovery.

And most impressive is that we have a Nursing Department that has been running on average 5-15% over budget. We actually have achieved being on target or below budget for the last couple of months. So now I think we are moving to that being business as usual. I think it is highly noticeable when we look at the impact that we have met budget. The entire Medical Center is watching because this has never been the case, and I think the belief that we will do it, is now really been ingrained. I think it also resonates to see people working better with less tension because we are a very visible force within the organization. Nursing Care is what people are hospitalized for, it is a 24/7 arm and our ability to work together and really be focused on the patient and what we mean to achieve, I think it is resonating throughout the Medical Center. I am now much more at a place where if we put our minds to it and if we are a team that really stands as one, there isn't anything we can't do.

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