Mary Alice Benamy

Vice President

Mary Alice Benamy is accountable for both procurement and operations at Gap International. She was the first person hired by the company's founder in 1983, and has been instrumental in building the company's operations infrastructure. Ms. Benamy was later accountable for expanding Gap International's presence in Europe by opening and operating the company's first international office in London.

Ms. Benamy consults in the company's Executive Services Division, and has led the Executive Challenge Course and Executive Mastery Program in both Chicago and London. In addition, she has consulted executives and teams on breakthrough growth and performance engagements with FORTUNE 500 clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare and pharmaceutical.

Prior to joining Gap International, Ms. Benamy worked as a legislative lobbyist in Minnesota and New York and was the director of student activities and the resident life program at Arcadia University. She has a B.S. in sociology and criminal justice from SUNY Buffalo.