A large-scale study was conducted to investigate the mindsets of business leaders when they were at their most effective and delivering their best results. In-depth structured interviews were conducted with 667 executives over a ten-year period. Eight distinct mindset themes were identified, one of the most common being a “Purposeful” theme, exhibited by 82% of the leaders.

A closer examination revealed two major subcategories of the Purposeful theme: 1. Impact on the World, and 2. God/Spirituality. The unique attitudes and beliefs associated with these subcategories were further categorized, and are described in the paper.

The Purposeful mindset theme points to a contextual frame that is important to leaders, and seems to imbue them with a level of personal power and sense of mission that translates into high levels of accomplishment.

Download the report, "How Purposeful Mindsets Drive Performance," below.