At The Leveraging Genius Conference, over the course of a week, executives from around the world immerse themselves in a unique and powerful program. They discover, share, and maximize Genius as the hidden competitive advantage in any business.

Building an organization that delivers consistently strong performance is every leader's challenge. What's needed most in today's complex and competitive marketplace is the ability to deliver great business results in any circumstance. At the same time, leaders have even larger possibilities they want to achieve that will require their best thinking and creativity.

Whether it's shareholder return, driving long-term prosperity of the business, or attracting and retaining the right talent, there are many places a leader must focus. It is increasingly essential for leaders to perform at their very best every day.


By Tapping into Genius

Genius can be activated in any leader, expanding their capability to consistently win in the marketplace, and their power to fulfill the greatest possible futures they can envision.

Leveraging Genius Leveraging Genius
Discovering Genius Discovering Genius
The Genius of Team The Genius of Team


  • Extraordinary Leadership
    • A new capability to be at your best, on demand, under any circumstances
    • Increased clarity as to why you are not your best all the time
  • Extraordinary 
    • The ability to instantaneously change the trajectory of any person's performance and get the best out of everyone
    • A new access to developing people rapidly, that goes beyond managing them, advising them or teaching them what to do
  • Extraordinary Organization
    • A shared mindset of possibility and optimism to achieve extraordinary results
    • A breakthrough in cross-organizational teams working together, resulting in innovative solutions that were previously unavailable

Begin to discover, share, and maximize your own Genius from the moment you register.

Your conference experience includes access to The Leveraging Genius App and a year-long license for Leveraging Genius Online - a dynamic way to continuously explore your Genius before and after the conference.


Who Attends

The Leveraging Genius Conference is for Individual senior executives, CEOs, C-level executives and their teams.
Leveraging Genius Piecharts

Why Return

Executives return year after year to truly maximize the impact of Genius in their businesses, making Genius a natural habit to ensure that they are always performing at their best.

Further Information

Read more about the Leveraging Genius Conference and what to expect from the week.

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