Patient experience has moved from relevant to vital. Executives recognize that a great experience leads to better patient outcomes and stronger business performance. Reputation and ratings have become patients’ leading indicators to select great providers. Patient experience is shaping the choices patients are making.

82% of healthcare leaders rank patient experience as one of their top three priorities for the next three years1.

More than ever, success depends on building an organizational culture that creates unforgettable experiences. This is why most organizations are investing in efforts to improve patient experience. A leap in performance is necessary to be a leading-edge provider of choice.

Gap International’s research shows that mindset is the underlying force that pulls those efforts together and takes patient experience from good to extraordinary.

A new way to think about
patient experience


Transforming the patient experience happens from the inside out. How clinicians and employees think about colleagues and patients—their mindset—is what shapes the experience patients have.

The problem is, it is almost impossible to see a mindset as a mindset, let alone change it. Mindsets often masquerade as proven truths and facts, and are mostly unexamined. Surfacing and understanding current mindsets demystifies the source of problems and makes new solutions instantly available.

When mindsets change, behaviors change. Clinicians and employees come together in new ways. Patient experience solutions take hold, and leaps in performance follow.


  • Diagnose the organizational culture that is causing the current patient experience
  • Discover hidden barriers to extraordinary patient experience
  • Design a custom approach to embed the changes needed for extraordinary patient experience

Cultural Impact

  • Aligns and engages clinicians and employees around a unified patient experience
  • Creates an environment that liberates everyone to own the experience they create and take action to improve it
  • Reconnects clinicians and employees with the purpose that led them to become healthcare professionals—people taking care of people

Business Impact

While building a culture for patient experience, clients significantly improve performance:
  • Dramatic increase in patient satisfaction scores
  • Stronger financial performance, including revenue and gross operating margins
  • Decrease in malpractice costs and employee turnover
  • Increase in key patient safety metrics

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1. The Beryl Institue, The State of Patient Experience 2017: A Return to Purpose

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