Veterans Business Services

Maximizing military experience to deliver business results

Veterans are uniquely qualified to produce breakthrough results in any organization. It’s not a function of circumstances. It’s not a function of skill sets. It has everything to do with mindsets.

Military personnel often credit their leadership and achievements to hard work, training, teamwork, or being in the right place at the right time. All those matter—but the common denominator for great performance is their own thinking—their mindsets.

Gap International’s Veterans Business Services was created to maximize that powerful mindset, applying the unique capabilities veterans gained in the military to achieve exceptional results in business settings. Our work applies to corporations with veteran hiring initiatives, mid-market veteran-owned business, entrepreneurs, franchises, incubators, and nonprofits.

With proprietary methods based on the correlation between thinking and performance, Veterans Business Services offers a variety of engagements that empower veterans to thrive in the private sector:

  • Development of strategy and key goals
  • Execution of major initiatives with aligned efforts
  • Collaboration throughout the organization
  • Integration of new hires for peak performance
  • Development of leaders and their teams
  • Engagement, retention, and growth of military talent

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