Translating Results from Military to Corporate Environments.

The Breakthrough Intensive Course immerses veterans in a methodology that increases business performance and results while also growing them as leaders.

In the military, these men and women learned to focus, align, and achieve outcomes—under any conditions. The Breakthrough Intensive Course translates these skills to focus, align, and achieve business results—every time, under any circumstances.


Participants select a specific business challenge to work on in the course. They learn to excel and lead in business environments, maneuver in changing market conditions, and deliver extraordinary business outcomes.

Rather than talking about theoretical concepts, participants apply new thinking and methods that enable them to:

● Understand how thinking impacts leadership, relationships, ways of working,
   and results
● Apply new approaches to deliver a specific breakthrough commitment
● Identify barriers blocking business performance
● Gain freedom to operate differently


Participants work through business challenges with Gap International performance consultants and peers. Individualized coaching takes place during the program.

Specific benefits for companies and participants:

  • Transfer and integrate military leadership and operational strengths into corporate environments
  • Maximize unique capabilities to impact business results
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
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