Alignment - the state of many people being one - is the ultimate in organizational excellence. Having people throughout an enterprise authentically aligned with the strategy and future of the business, and executing as one cohesive team, is essential to extraordinary performance in today's increasingly competitive marketplace.

The ability of an organization's leaders to create and sustain strategic alignment is vital. Alignment has a direct impact on growth and performance. Distinct from agreement, alignment is the key ingredient in an organization's ability to build and maintain a culture of innovation, flexibility and speed.

The Alignment Intensive is a rigorous immersion into the principles and practices of alignment. Corporate leaders and their teams come together for a week of engagement, study and practice in the art and science of organizational alignment. Executives produce a breakthrough in their own alignment as a team, then develop new pathways for aligning their people and their organizations

The Alignment Intensive has a proven track record of results in producing an immediate and lasting impact on leadership, strategy, culture and business growth and performance.

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  • Produce a breakthrough in their alignment as
    a team
  • Integrate the principles of alignment into their thinking, making it sustainable
  • Develop a new framework for establishing strategic alignment in their organizations
  • Expand their ability to create cultural integration and alignment within the enterprise and within the larger stakeholder community
  • Learn and develop practical tools for creating alignment in the running of the day-to-day business

Who Attends

Senior executives and their direct report teams and Key teams throughout the organization



Course Format:

Course Length: Four and one-half days
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Course Size: 50 to 100 participants

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