You’re here because you’re obsessed with growth.

You’re all about exceptional business performance and pushing the envelope of the impact you have on the world. You’re here because you care about being called to be something bigger than you would naturally be. You think you can change the world and you’re right.

You’re someone who is drawn to new perspectives and new ways of thinking. You know in your heart that there is always a way forward, even if it isn’t obvious yet. You’ve always been the one to question the ways things are done for the sake of changing the game completely and taking everyone higher with you. You get uncomfortable in status quo and don’t stay there long. There is nothing you’ve come across so far that couldn’t be innovated.

You also know you can’t do it alone and realized a long time ago that being connected with other leaders might be the most important move you make. You love the edge you get from contributing and being contributed to by others in the communities you are part of and leading. There is genius all around and you want to tap in. You’re fueled by purpose.

Those are just some of the reasons you are likely here. And that’s why we’re here, too. We’re going to think together, we’re going to grow together and we’re going to challenge each other to all be and produce nothing less than the extraordinary.