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People who work here transform themselves, executives, teams, organizations—and ultimately, the world.

WE ARE PURPOSE-DRIVEN: Transforming Organizations Transforming the World®

Our purpose is in our DNA. It shapes everything we do and how we do it. When your orientation to your job is less about performing tasks and more about making a difference, you become exponentially more effective in producing extraordinary results—for your clients, your company and yourself.


We are a performance consulting company founded in 1978 and based just outside Philadelphia. The focus of our company is producing extraordinary performance through changing thinking. What differentiates us is that we change people through changing their thinking—a distinct approach to producing results that organizations find quite valuable. We work with top executives to produce extraordinary growth by having people think in different ways—extraordinary ways—and take extraordinary actions in every aspect of the business.

  • Our work begins by transforming top executives and leadership teams - a prerequisite for delivering extraordinary results.
  • Once leaders are aligned, we change organizational mindsets - how people think about the business.
  • Everything we do is grounded in a relentless commitment to deliver specific, quantifiable outcomes beyond current expectations - what we call breakthrough performance.


Experienced professionals come to Gap International to build impactful consulting capabilities, broaden business acumen and skills, and grow as leaders and as people. They come to contribute their expertise to a world class, purposeful company and its clients. And they come because they are always striving for the next level in their leadership and career that will make an important difference.


Working at Gap International is a unique experience. We deliver exceptional value to clients because we live by our own methodologies. We continually learn, refine and deepen our consulting practice together. This is how we achieve extraordinary growth—for our clients, our company and ourselves.

You won’t find a comparable experience anywhere else because it’s distinct by design:
  • Our associates work with top executives in leading global and domestic companies.
  • Our associates gain professional expertise as transformational management consultants, along with functional and business development capabilities.
  • Our work environment emphasizes individual growth, leadership and relationship skills. We are dedicated to and fully invested in ongoing training and development for our consultants.
  • Many who work here say what differentiates us is that we are building something big together in a highly supportive and collaborative team environment.


Consistent with our passion for growth and delivering breakthrough results for our clients, we are committed to the rapid development of our associates. Gap International consultants own the growth of Gap International by delivering results in three areas:

Client Consulting

  • Learn our proven proprietary consulting methodology that embeds lasting change throughout an organization.

Business Development

  • Hone your skills and effectiveness in building new business and client relationships.

Functional Accountability

  • Work in areas ranging from strategy creation and execution, marketing, course development, and software design and development.

Mastering our business development methods and a functional accountability are essential to being effective in consulting, leading programs and initiatives, and developing high-performance teams capable of delivering breakthrough business outcomes.

QUALIFICATIONS: Professional Experience and Education
We look for experienced professionals (2 – 7 years) who are captivated by our work and can quickly consult at senior client levels. Strong candidate backgrounds include:
  • Client-facing experience as an external or internal consultant to senior executives in corporate or nonprofit settings
  • Business experience in areas such as human capital, leadership, culture and engagement, strategy, and business development
  • Demonstrated ambition with a high-performance track record
  • MBA from a leading academic institution with a strong academic record
  • Current resident or able to relocate to Philadelphia area

People who thrive at Gap International demonstrate these characteristics:

  • Orientated toward fulfilling, purpose-driven work that impacts individuals, teams, companies, and the world
  • Motivated to keep learning, growing and performing at your best; energized by continually pushing beyond your comfort zone
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and room to create what you do; eager to take on things you don’t know how to do
  • Confident in your ability to contribute and keep growing personally and professionally
  • Enjoys working hard and collaborating with smart, creative people from around the world
  • Excited about working with some of the most powerful executives in the world’s largest companies
  • Interested and able to travel domestically and internationally
WHAT WE OFFER: An unmatched combination of experiences, opportunities and total rewards
  • Purpose-driven work that delivers extraordinary results
  • A company that cares deeply about people performing at their best
  • An unmatched culture and commitment to ongoing growth and development
  • Highly competitive health benefits
  • Generous 401k
  • Bonus based on company and individual performance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • International travel opportunities

Gap International consultants work from our corporate headquarters just outside Philadelphia.

Gap International Headquarters
700 Old Marple Road
Springfield, PA 19064


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