A week of changing mindsets to make "exceptional" a repeat performance

What can you achieve if you can consciously shape your leadership to match and master the next challenge, the next opportunity? More than 150 leaders from global businesses and other organizations came together this week to discover ways to do just that, with one clear outcome as their goal: Achieving extraordinary performance, not just one time, by chance, but repeatedly, at will.

At this year’s Leveraging Genius Conference, we’ve heard the stories of participants from organizations ranging from large public corporations to entrepreneurs and family businesses, in multiple business sectors. We’ve delved into Gap International’s process for getting to that exceptional growth, which we do by changing mindsets and keeping an intense focus on outcomes.

Our approach in partnering with organizations worldwide is not to focus exclusively on setting the right business goals. Equally critical is discovering and harnessing the mindset that you can reliably use on command to achieve those specific targets, this time and every time.

“When you discover your unique Genius, it’s not limited to you alone. You can share it and leverage it for yourself and others,” Pontish Yeramyan, Gap International’s CEO and founder, told the conference.

Many of our longstanding partners have been with us this week, clients we’ve been working with for 10, 20, even 30 years. We’ve also welcomed first-time participants, many brought along by their leadership in the interest of sharing Genius across a team for broader-based results. We look forward to more years of close partnership by helping people discover and reliably tap the source of their success in order to repeat exceptional performance.

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