Can you count on your team?

How well can a leader depend on a team? That’s a critical question affecting daily decisions made by executives, who are expected to deliver specific outcomes. What if you, as a business leader, weren’t sure whether your team could meet its commitments this time, next time or down the road?

It turns out this concern is more widespread than you might think. The new Gap International Genius Survey, which polled more than 300 senior executives at large companies with sales over $1 billion, found most are not very sure about reaching their targets. Two data points in particular underscore this uncertainty:

  • Only 32 percent are confident they can predict whether their teams will deliver as promised.
  • Just 33 percent “strongly agree” they have established a method that helps their teams replicate success.

The poll, conducted by Harris Interactive, highlights the critical challenges business leaders face around issues of talent and people development. You can find the full survey and results here: Only a Minority of Executives Can Accurately Predict If Their Teams Will Deliver Results

All this week, we’ll be working with global executives on these questions and more at our annual Leveraging Genius Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. You can find more details by visiting The Leveraging Genius Conference

The survey and our conference tie back to Gap International’s core approach to discovering, sharing and maximizing “genius” in every person, both leaders and team members. Our insights are distilled from more than 30 years of global practice working with corporate and government executives in producing exceptional growth.

“To understand your own inner genius means that you get in touch with the kind of thinking that is at the background of your actions when you have your best performance, so that you can repeat your best performance by repeating your best thinking,” says Gap International’s Founder, President and CEO Pontish Yeramyan.

At the conference, we’ll be talking with CEOs and other leaders about their biggest challenges and solutions, and posting some of their thoughts here. Please come back and check in as the week progresses!

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