Leveraging Genius

Everyone has Genius

What is Breakthrough Leadership?

Mitzie Hoelscher - Chief Leadership Officer, Gap International

The Alignment Film (Trailer)

Ara Yeramyan - Executive Vice President, Gap International

Breakthrough Course Online

Interactive, self-study program

Susan Cunningham

Senior Vice President of Exploration and Business Innovation, Noble Energy

New Thinking: How do you access it reliably?

Steve Rosenthal - Vice President, Gap International

The Challenge of Producing Breakthrough Results

Mitzie Hoelscher - Chief Leadership Officer, Gap International

Mollie Carter

President & CEO, Sunflower Bank

CNN Interview of Dr. Eric Jackson at the Fortun...

Dr. Eric Jackson - Vice President, Gap International

Rick Anicetti

Former President & CEO, Food Lion

Nancy Shendell Falik

Chief Nursing Officer, Tufts Medical Center

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